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Discussion group for development of the Tradecraft protocol: an experimental, open-source demurrage money, crypto asset, and smart contracting platform.
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  • tradecraft | announce
    Low-volume moderated list for Tradecraft/Freicoin release announcements and security bulletins.
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  • tradecraft | devel
    Open mailing list for discussion of Tradecraft/Freicoin core protocol and reference client development. This list is lightly moderated: * No offensive posts or personal attacks. * Posts must be relevant to Tradecraft/Freicoin protocol development. * Posts should be technical or academic in nature. * Generally encouraged: patches, notification of pull requests, new feature proposals, academic paper announcements, and the discussions that follow from any of these. * Generally discouraged: shower thoughts, wild speculation, jokes, +1's, technical support unless the issue affects all users, non-technical issues including topics of "governance" and community management, rehashing settled topics without new data, moderation concerns. * Detailed patch discussion generally better on a GitHub PR. All posts are archived and publicly viewable.
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  • tradecraft | translators
    A mailing list for coordinating the creation of translation strings for Tradecraft/Freicoin releases.
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